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Yampa & Green Rivers, June 2006

These pictures are from a raft trip down the Yampa river in June, 2006.  Most of the my fellow travelers were musicians -- which explains the pictures of hands on strings.

As you can see from the aspect ration, I was testing a new point-and-shoot.  I've put my current favorites in the top row, and the rest in the order that I shot them.  Favorites change, though; you may have your own.   The print colors are a bit richer than shows up on the Web, but I haven't figured out how to fix that.

Click on the thumbnail to get a better view.

-- Jim

Moonset over Green River Canyon

Playing Dulcimer

River Wall Reflection #2

Rafting the Yampa

Inflatable Kayaks

Canyon Walls


Canyon at Sunset

Looking Upriver

Our Boats from Above


Rock and Water Weeds at Dawn

Cave Wall

Echo Cave

Reflection 1

Two-handed Dulcimer

Bighorn Sheep #1

Bighorn Sheep #2

Bighorn Lamb

Bighorn Lamb in Meadow

Dawn Clouds


Dawn at the Edge


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