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We have arranged with our publishers to offer our books online. Place your order by clicking the link next to the book you want.


bullet Religion Crossing Boundaries: Transnational Religious and Social Dynamics in Africa and the New African Diaspora  2010.  Edited by Afe Adogame & James V. Spickard. 
  Religion Crossing Boundaries Buy from E. J. Brill

This collection of essays explores the recent growth of transnational religious networks that connect African peoples with each other and with other parts of the world.  Topics include: the transnational spread of new African Christianity, transnational Pentecostalism, religionís role in transnational migration, tri- and multi-national religious trade networks, and the consequences of having transnational religious connections for Africa itself.  Volume 18 in the Association for the Sociology of Religionís Religion and Social Order series.


bullet Lived Religion: Faith and Practice in Everyday Life, 2008. By Meredith B. McGuire
  Buy from Oxford University Press In this book, Meredith McGuire points the way to a new way of understanding and studying religious behavior. Rather than try to fit people into pre-arranged packages, she argues, scholars must begin to study religion as it is actually lived and experienced in people's everyday lives. Drawing on her own extensive fieldwork, as well as recent work by other scholars, McGuire explores the many ways that people express themselves spiritually and shows that they rarely fit neatly into the categories we've developed. Challenging those who see declining church attendance as the death of religion in the Western world, McGuire demonstrates that religion is as widespread, potent, and vital as ever, if you know where to look.

Thinking Through Statistics: Exploring Quantitative Sociology, 2005. By James V. Spickard (with the assistance of Janaki Spickard-Keeler

  Buy from Toroverde Press Most statistics books bury you in math. This one starts with "Why Bother?"  Through concrete examples, it shows how to identify the data you need, how to organize that data for analysis, how to choose the right statistical routine, and how to interpret the results. 
     Together with the its companion Sociological Insights Software (download here), Thinking Through Statistics leads you step by step through the process of statistical reasoning.

Personal Knowledge and Beyond: Reshaping the Ethnography of Religion, 2002. Edited by James V. Spickard, Shawn Landres, and Meredith B. McGuire

  Buy from NYU Press

This collection probes the transformation of anthropological practice that has taken place in recent years ó especially as it applies to the study of religion. Deliberately diverse, provocative and boundary-breaking, its contributors seek new tools for understanding religion in the contemporary world. Chapters cover such topics as fieldwork among contemporary witches, the personal impact of family violence on the researcher, and the epistemological problems of studying religion in a post-colonial era.

For a sample chapter in PDF format, click here.


Religion: The Social Context, 5th edition, 2001. By Meredith B. McGuire.  Recently reissued by Waveland Press. 
(See also a web page of teaching materials for use with this text.)


Buy from Waveland

This text presents a theory-based, integrated approach to religion's place in society. Purposefully selective rather than encyclopedically descriptive, the text looks at religion in the context of many cultures. Each chapter is organized according to important theoretical issues, such cohesion and conflict.

Health, Illness, and the Social Body, 4th edition, 2003. By Peter S. Freund, Meredith B. McGuire, and Linda Podhurst.  (See also a web page of teaching materials for use with this text.)


Buy from Prentice-Hall

This text presents a critical, holistic interpretation of health, illness and human bodies that emphasizes power as a key social-structural factor in health and in societal responses to illness. It does not attempt to cover every relevant topic in Medical Sociology, but is organized as a set of core essays around which to build a course.

World History by the World's Historians, 1998. Edited by Paul R, Spickard, James V. Spickard and Kevin M. Cragg


Out of Print

Buy used from ABE Books,

Powell's, or

This collection presents some of the finest historical writing ever produced: by historians from all parts of the globe, and from 3000 years ago to the present day. Designed to accompany college courses in World History and in Historiography, it was the first reader to bring non-Western historians into the canon. It includes biographies of and sample passages from 56 historians chosen for their excellence and their diversity.

Ritual Healing in Suburban America, 1988. By Meredith B. McGuire. 


Buy from Rutgers

This book describes the beliefs and practices of over 100 ritual healing groups, all within a 25 mile radius of Montclair, New Jersey. It shows how ordinary Americans have incorporated religious rituals as part of their search for healing, often alongside standard medical techniques. It shows how these rituals help people make sense of both their illnesses and their lives.

Pentecostal Catholics: Power, Charisma, and Order in a Religious Movement, 1981. By Meredith B. McGuire.

  Pentecostal Catholics

Out of Print 

Buy used from ABE Books,

Powell's, or

This book describes the social and ideological world of Charismatic Catholics in the late 1970s. Now out of print, it was one of the first books to examine this fascinating religious movement. It is still one of the few books to place the movement in a broader social context.

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